PeRT (PRTS Electronic Research Tool )

What is PeRT?
Too many books, too little time?

In an age where speed and ease of access is critical, many pastors and church leaders are finding it difficult to utilize the library resources they have spent years accumulating. Puritan Reformed Theological Seminary would like to help.

The PRTS Electronic Research Tool (PeRT) provides quick and easy access to numerous resources in either your personal library or the PRTS library. Simply select a particular Scripture reference using the drop-down boxes and then click Search. The resulting list will give you the specific pages within books that deal with that particular text.

PeRT originated with Dr. Joel Beekeā€™s vision and desire to help pastors, students, and laypeople find and utilize Scriptural references and subsequent commentary that may be buried within a book. He began by recording all Scripture texts appearing in his books that had 5 or more pages of information on that particular reference.

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